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Precious Angels Child Center Testimonial

Have you ever made a decision that you felt 100% confident about? I operate Precious Angelís Child Center Inc. in Warwick, RI. We care for over 100 children in a 12,500 square foot facility, 10 minutes south of Providence. In my facility, we have 11 classrooms, an indoor gym, computer/music lab, 6 individual playgrounds and more than 20 employees. Already you can see that managing such a facility can be troublesome because it is difficult to have your eyes and ears every where at all times. †

The security system in place was sufficient. However, I knew it was time to upgrade. I was then faced with the task of finding a company that could handle my needs. Words that come to mind when I describe myself are: perfectionist, organized, punctual, creative, cleanly and respectful. Naturally, I would be looking for all the same qualities in a company to do business with.

To my surprise, many of the companies I met with acted as they were doing me some huge favor by even showing up to quote the job. Needless to say, I was disappointed that the quality of people and showmanship was none existent. Then, I met Daniel Angeli of Wave Technologies.

Wave Technologies spent an ample amount of time listening to what my needs were at Precious Angels. After the initial meeting, Wave put together a tentative plan of attack for what was outlined and tailored it to my individual needs. I could tell from their presentation, demeanor and track record that this was the right decision for my company and the children we look after from day to day.

Wave Technologies worked around our schedule. It was impossible for them to do work during the day as children are utilizing the building. They would show up directly after all the children were gone and work tirelessly through the days and nights. I would arrive early in the morning and to my surprise the only visible sign of their existence were the cameras coming from the ceilings. Wave Technologies could not have been more professional in any aspect of their performance. †

I now have 34 recordable cameras installed inside and outside the building, while two flat screen televisions display all the cameras in my office. Wave Technologies seemed to think of everything when I couldnít† think of any more. The job was completed in a very short time and now, not only do I have full control from my office, but the parents and caregivers can view their children at any time throughout the day.

Thank you to everyone at Wave Technologies for making Precious Angels the safest Child Center in the state.† I am proud to say that my decision and investment with Wave Technologies has satisfied me 110%.

-Daniel Petrocelli



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