Home & Residential Surveillance

Home Invasion Statistics
  • Homes without security systems are 3 times more likely to be burglarized than homes with security systems. (Security Industry Association, 2002)
  • One out of every five homes will experience a burglary, fire or carbon monoxide poisoning in the next six years. (various U.S. government bureaus)


A surveillance camera system can benefit your home, residential properties, etc. in many ways
  • Flexible: Surveillance camera systems with IP cameras can be rearranged at any time.
  • Remote monitoring: A camera system that uses an NVR (network video recorder) allows you to broadcast your footage over the internet and check up on your house remotely or check up on your children while being cared for by a sitter through a nanny cam.
  • Prevent theft and vandalism: Visible cameras can discourage and deter potential thieves from breaking and entering or vandalizing your property, and can help you identify criminals who break into your home.
  • Secure public places at apartment buildings or condominiums: Keep your residents safe. A camera mounted at the entrance can prevent intruders from entering locked entrances and can discourage violence and other crimes from occurring on your premises.
  • Secure your building: Outdoor cameras can deter thieves from breaking into cars or loitering.
  • High resolution images: Digital security cameras provide much higher resolution than their analog counterparts, providing high quality footage and no static.
  • Concealed surveillance: Many (although not all) nannycams are concealed in books, clocks, stereos and other house hold appliances, and will surreptitiously record childcare activities and the true nature of the nanny or babysitter.
  • E-mail alerts: Some IP cameras with motion detection capabilities can be configured to alert the owner when something enters a room through email or the phone.

Home and residential surveillance systems would be ideal for…

  • Apartment Complexes
  • Property Management
  • Vacation Homes
  • Nanny Cams


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