Card Access

  • Help protect valuable assets and sensitive areas
  • Help restrict and manage business access
  • Increase employee safety
  • Eliminate costly re-keying and lock changes

There are many benefits to access control. It can help you to keep people out of restricted areas and to reduce the potential for workplace violence by limiting access. Allow or restrict the access with different user levels or by time frames. Use reporting to help provide information on access events.

By limiting access to high-risk or sensitive areas, electronic access may help you reduce your liability costs. In addition, when an employee leaves or keys are lost, it can help you minimize the cost and time of replacing locks with easy-to-program cards or key fobs.



  • Stand-alone or network up to four readers
  • Real-time clock
  • Complete event reporting and storage
  • Program via cards or PC software
  • Proximity detection allows reader to function without physically connecting to the ID card or key fob
  • Compact, surface-mounted configuration for indoor or outdoor use


Operational Modes

  • Public mode: Designed for gate and vestibule access and other low-security access. There are no limits to the number of cards the reader can recognize.
  • Private mode: For higher security, only one user at a time can be allowed access. Designed for places such as cash rooms, high-security storage, server rooms, etc.
  • Lock out/night lock mode: Can disable all users with the exception of a lock out master card. Designed to restrict employee access until a supervisor arrives


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