Security cameras and CCTV systems can be advantageous for local governments and prisons.
  • Remote access: IP-based surveillance systems send live video streams over the internet, where they can be viewed, along with archived footage, remotely from any PC with network access. This allows authorized users to monitor activities from off-site locations.
  • Prevent vandalism, violence and crime: A visible video surveillance system can help reduce vandalism, crime or theft opportunities, and can be useful in identifying theft, violence, or other suspicious behavior.
  • Video analytics: Cameras with video analytics are beginning to play a significant role in security. These cameras utilize software algorithms to detect specific activities and scan for suspicious individuals. Examples of video analytics are facial recognition technology and behavioral recognition technology all which could be particularly helpful in a when monitoring prisoner behavior.
  • Coordinate Security Personne: Operators viewing surveillance footage can direct security personnel to specific areas of a government building or prison when suspicious activity is spotted.
  • Alerts: IP cameras can send e-mail or phone alerts when motion detectors are tripped or an alarm sounds. This interactive form of security makes it easier to properly respond to security concerns.
  • Increase Safety: Cameras will help maintain safety and discourage misbehavior and therefore help protect employees, visitors and prisoners. Conspicuously placed cameras have been shown to reduce threats of violence and vandalism drastically.
Government surveillance systems would be ideal for…
  • Traffic
  • Prisons & Corrections Facilities
  • Cities & Towns
  • Libraries
  • Courthouses
  • Police Stations


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