Transportation Surveillance

A surveillance camera system can benefit your transportation business in many ways

  • Prevent vandalism, violence and crime: A visible video surveillance system can help reduce vandalism, crime or theft opportunities, and can be useful in identifying theft, violence, gang activity or other suspicious behavior.
  • Ease of use: Even the most large and complex public transportation network is easy to monitor with video surveillance. Advances in technology have made it easy for surveillance systems to have multiple types of footage that is centrally monitored
  • Provide real-time surveillance to multiple departments: With IP surveillance enabling digital surveillance streams to travel over the internet, operators in various airport departments such as police, customs, fire and medic, baggage, and airport operations, can all monitor the video feeds from separate PC workstations.
  • Video analytics: Cameras with video analytics are beginning to play a significant role in security. These cameras utilize software algorithms to detect specific activities and scan for suspicious individuals. Examples of video analytics are facial recognition technology and behavioral recognition technology.
  • Flexibility and scalability: IP video surveillance systems are scalable, meaning they can grow as needed. Additional cameras are easily connected to the network, and pre-existing analog cameras can even be incorporated into new systems by using digital encoders.
  • Digital storage: With IP surveillance, video footage is recorded and stored digitally, unlike analog systems which archive footage on cassette tapes. This allows for an almost unlimited amount of storage, and also provides users with drastically enhanced search capabilities.
  • Remote access: IP-based surveillance systems send live video streams over the internet, where they can be viewed, along with archived footage, remotely from any PC with network access. This allows authorized users to monitor activities from off-site locations.
  • Protect drivers: Security cameras can help to deter unruly passengers from acting out of line when in a taxi, bus or limo. Violent confrontations may occur between passengers and drivers so the presence of visible cameras can convince passengers to behave properly.
  • Prevent robberies: Passengers considering robbing a driver may be deterred knowing they are on video.
  • Monitor driver behavior: Video cameras on-board help to ensure that cab, bus and limo drivers carry out their duties in a professional manner.
  • Provide evidence: In case of any violent confrontations or robberies, on-board security cameras can provide video evidence for criminal investigations.

Transportation surveillance systems would be ideal for…

  • Airports
  • Buses
  • Charter Buses
  • Parking Lots
  • Train Stations
  • Taxi Cab


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